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New Sunday School Class!

We are excited to announce the "Moms Raising Teens" Sunday School class! Mrs. Jamie Ezell will be leading the class every Sunday from 9:00am - 9:45am.

What to Expect?

The class will be centered around studying God's word and related material to grow spiritually, while providing an environment where you are encouraged and loved unconditionally. This class is designed to allow moms to unite together to discuss current and sometimes stressful circumstances that arise when raising a teenager. At Berea we understand we don't have all the answers, but we know the ONE who does and are committed to helping each other along the way.


Side Notes And Stories

He's my son

In 1972 a two year old Chinese boy, Hu Jen-chuan, fell from a table and went into a coma. When he woke up after six days he was not able to talk or move. Like any parent, his mother, was terrible distressed. Yet her distress was multiplied by the fact that she could not afford to place him in a nursing home.

Instead she has cared for Hu Jen-chuan herself, and her care has shown the unfathomable depth of her mother-love. You see, because he is unable to move Hu Jen-chuan is liable to get terrible bed-sores. So for the past thirty years his mother has done the unbelievable – she has carried her son on her back. As of May 2002 Liu Kuei-lan was 65 years old and weighed 40 kilograms. Her son, now a grown man, weighed 82kg. On many occasions Liu has fallen and fractured bones while carrying her son. Yet she continues to carry him. When asked how she can do it her reply is simple: “he ain’t heavy, he’s my son.”

Source: reported in the Taipei Times  May 11, 2002

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